Jahnava Mandir Temple & Ashram

Gergal, Spain

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Swamini Kadamba Rajeswari Dasi
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Swami Prema Rajendra Das
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Fire Sacrifice

Agni Hotra,  firesacrifice, realized to purify, clarify, give a special blessing, or release different types of blocks, or negative energies.In this ceremony with the sacred fire all kinds of negative karmas are burning off, cleaning is happening in all levels, astral, mental and emotional.

It is executed on special occasions; such as births, weddings, initiations of different types and thus you enter a higher platform of spirituality.

Puja Ceremony

Puja or Pooya, is a regular ceremony in the temple, daily practiced by Bhakti Yogis, who are present in the ashram. It is an offering of all material elements (water, earth, air, fire and ether) to the Deities (manifestations of the Supreme Lord in the material world) of the temple. Bhajans, mantras and prayers are sung in order to cultivate Prema, pure love for Sri Sri Krishna and Radha.

Time: 4:30 a.m.

(Then Mangala Arati flame, morning song to Divinity)

Japa Mantra Meditation

Meditation on a mantra, awarded by Sri Guru Diksa. It is a contemplative activity and very powerful to achieve a balance and mental control and awaken the sleeping love for the Supreme Personality of Godhead. In an atmosphere of peace and harmony we make our meditation «Japa Mala» (special wooden rosary sacred Tulasi), reciting the Maha Mantra with love.

This practice is part of daily discipline (sadhana) in the Ashram in Bhakti Yoga.

Time: 5: 00-7: 00AM

Spiritual Classes

Each day, after morning puja songs and mantra japa, the Swamis and Swaminis present in the Ashram typically impart a spiritual classes of different subjects, teachings of the Vedas, especially Sri Sri Bhagavad Gita, Srimad Bhagavatam, food, natural medicine, etc. are given …

Time: 7:30 to 9:00

Spiritual Nutrition

Tell me what you eat and I will tell you how is your consciousness. It could define the importance of food.

The teachings of Sri Krishna Prema Das Babaji Maharaj governed by this simple but very conscious rule: «The path of love, wisdom and health passes through the stomach.»

Devotional Chanting

The chanting of mantras and songs full of devotion to the Supreme Personality of God (Bhajan, Kirtan, Harinama, Sankirtana) is a form of the most effective, but also fun and easy, used by the great sages from ancient times to purify the heart of awareness material and thus unite with the Supreme in the universal dance.

Day to day is sung, no specific time, it is an indispensable part of life in the Ashram, an important practical expression to the devotion and worship the Supreme Lord Sri Sri Govinda.

Devotional Service

Attachment to matter is the cause of all suffering.

Doing our duty as a service, in the spirit of love, knowledge and devotion, we achieved gradually detachment and balance. This is called Bhakti Yoga, an auspicious activity in all aspects that brings us back to our true nature and also gives us the ability to prepare and thus meet the Absolute Truth. This process is full of blessings and transcendental enlightenment.

Bhakti, or devotional service, is an essential activity and is the real soul of the Ashram and Jahnava Mandir Temple.

Spiritual Retreats

Inspiration is the most profitable coexistence and personal practice with more advanced in Yoga people, Sadhus and Swamis authentic (Sadhu Sanga).

It is a very uplifting experience, in all energy levels.

It is there where they begin to practice and assimilate all the theories learned to finally stay with the acquired knowledge and higher consciousness even after the stay in the Ashram.

«Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you …»

Specific dates and group retreats are being planned well in advance, but there is also possibility of an individual personalized retirement. For more information contact us.

They are funded basis of voluntary donations.

Spiritual Feast

The spiritual parties are very happy with spontaneous spiritual programs, honoring  Supreme God, Sri Sri Hari.

It consists of classes, chanting of mantras, devotional singing, dancing, flower garlands, spontaneous artistic expressions, spiritual humor, Theatre, etc.

In addition to irresistible preparations of Prasadam, spiritual nourishment, charamrita, sweet balls, etc.

What result can give a day like this?

…ecstasy, Prema = Pure Love to Sri Sri RadhaKrishna.

The parties are held mostly on spiritual dates based on events from the transcendental pastimes of the Supreme Personality of Godhead and His great devotees.

Time: During all the day, or several days.


Healthy Mind =>Healthy Body => Healthy Spirit

Thanks to the special qualities and the healing skills, with which was born Acharya Sri Krishna Prema Das Babaji Kaviraj, who led a life of delivery

for the welfare of others, healing of all kinds, complementing it with the techniques of ayurveda medicine they are made. Ayurveda is the mother of all types of medicine, as it was the first one existing healing technic in India thanks to Lord Sri Sri Dhavantari.

Ayur-veda covers all types of natural therapies to restore order in our mind-body-soul trinity, and thus health thus originates.

Contact us to learn or receive therapeutic treatments.

Advanced Spiritual Studies

All classes are taught spiritual levels. Bhakti Yoga is the summit of all Yoga. The learning acquired are useful for both; a novice practitioner, but also for one advanced in Yoga, the teachings are personalized.

Vedic Weddings

All kinds of Vedic ceremonies are performed in the Jahnava Mandir.

Vedic weddings are aimed at the perfect union of a strong partner to advance on the spiritual path of Dharma. It is an extremely purifying and uplifting experience, as it should be.

Arts & Culture

Music and songs, theater, literature, painting, crafts, dance, etc. performed with consciousness and love in a  helpful, educational spirit, All teachings in the temple are based on true human values.

The publication and distribution of cultural products, as one of the spiritual practices of preaching and spiritual information to society dejected by the materialistic and consume lifestyle.

Books of Spiritual teachings, positive music CDs, audio books and other products mostly created by members of the Ashram and participants, are after distributed.

They are intended to achieve an optimal state of health as well as help for soul evolution.

Also these activities as all others are dedicated to the transcendental enjoyment of the Supreme Being, Lord Sri Sri Krishna, and manifest themselves in service to humanity in different projects.

Ecology & Agriculture

Contact with Earth is extremely helpful in all aspects, so in the organic farm of Jahnava Mandir practiced unconditional love for all living beings, including of course the animals and plants.

There are a large number of trees; olives, almonds, fruit and others.

Because of the vegetarian and vegan food that takes place in the Ashram, we have a large organic garden, care for the beloved hands of our Sri Guru Maharaj.

There are constantly planted more trees, in order to give life to the desert area, where the Jahnava Mandir, has begun with the tree planting project.

It is a recurring activity.

Walking Treks

«The best sport is walking.»

Because it is located in a beautiful valley in the area of Las Aneas, there are lots of tourist trekking routes, countryside to discover, caves, beautiful views, small old abandoned villages.

A wonderful way to unwind and «recharge batteries» in a natural environment that inevitably inspires peace with his silence.

Available for all visitors of the ashram, in the mountains (Sierra de los Filabres), full of Prana, vital energy.

One of the phrases of Sri Guru Dev: «Walking a lot, laugh a lot, eat little.»


Second birth, which is essential to cut the Samsara.

Upon receiving the initiation by Sri Diksa Guru, he is transfering to the disciple a special fragment of Bhakti Yoga circulating in the «parampara» bona fide disciplic line, thus awakens in the devotee that wonderful state of Bhakti, innate pure love for Supreme Personality of Godhead. And it is for this reason that the blessing of the beloved Guru Sri Diksa is very important in the life of human beings. »

The devotee, once started, is in a gradual process that makes awakening and also that leads to a constant state of integrity, well-being and inner peace. All this happens by the mercy of  beloved Sri Diksa Guru, for those who want to advance in the Vaishnava Dharma with this unique and intelligent way.

Performed only once in a lifetime of a Devotee, it is a very personal ceremony.