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The closure of the Pandava space in Granada

By febrero 3, 2018Uncategorized

The Pandava space started with love and ended with more!

They have been 2 beautiful years full of experiences and connections, with an endless number of people who comes and left their energy in this place, becouse in Pandava everybody fits!

However and despite its cycle came to the end, as everything in this material world is temporary.

That is why we say goodbye to Pandava, with all our love and joy. We are very grateful for all the learning you have given us. Thus enriching our spirit, that is why when we close a cycle we do not suffer or complain about its end, becouse it just can attract misery. Do it with love and above all joy, since it is leaving space for a new experiences with the smell of freshness.

Because the Pandavas always ride forward … they have already reached the Iberian Peninsula and not finished yet !!

The Pandava space then closes its doors, but do not worry; Those who have fallen in love with their sweet atmosphere, are invited to Jahnava Mandir in Almeria, where we have decided to concentrate all our energy.

Radhe Radheeeee!