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Retreat of Ayurveda and Yoga for Body – Mind – Soul

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The Ayurveda Retreat and Yoga in the Jahnava Mandir Temple.

It will take place on the 29th of June – 1st of July 2018.

Let’s break down the important points of the Ayurveda retreat…

We have established rules in the Ashram, important reach more easily and comfortable our proposit.

To mantain the peacefull and healthy atmosfere, it is very important to undetstand some basic rules: There is not allowed any tipe of  intoxicants like drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, in the ashram. It is prohibed to consume meat, eggs and fishes. Also is required to respect the hours of each activity, including rests hours (going sleep early, wake up early), discipline is the basis of succesfull life in each area.

The prejudices, ideas, dogmas and concerns, let`s put them in a bag and throw them out, before entering the Ashram:) It is important, so that you have space for new teachings, clean and fresh and the past couldn´t  condition you .. .

Accommodation – The rooms are shared with bunk beds, it is necessary to bring linens, towels. Also if you use shoes to be at home, since in the ashram you should not enter with street shoes.

Vegetarian diet – A varied, complete and nutritious diet, prepared with a clean and loving consciousness. We aplicate the knowledge of Ayurveda for the preparations. We use to offer the food with mantras, and thus transforming that into Prasadam “spiritual uplifting”, they purify the mind, body and soul.

Theoretical and practic teachings  on Yoga and Ayurveda:

We recomend you to bring a notebook and pencil to take notes.

First we will discover the basic principles of Ayurveda, which is rooted in the prodigious Veda (eternal knowledge), compiled by the incarnation of Godhead, Lord Sri Vyasadeva.

Ayurveda is the millenary medicine of India and is recognized by the World Health Organization as the mother of all medicines. Consequently, everything that we have here today in the West as alternative medicine, is born and drinks from Ayurveda. It is also called preventive medicine.

Health is a divine gift for the human being. If we lose this valuable gift, Ayurveda can help us recover it … Our dear Sri Guru Prema Krishna Das Babaji Maharaj dedicated his whole life to the healing of body, soul and mind and explains to us:

When the Supreme Lord in the form of the Divine Physician; Lord Sri Sri Danvantari has come to this world, to visit the humans, he said: “You can be healed of any disease by reciting the Holy Names of Acyuta, Keshava, Govinda. But for those, who do not have enough faith, I let them Ayurveda. “

Important points of the teachings in the Yoga and Ayurveda retreat:

Basic principles; we are a micro-cosmos within a macro-cosmos and vice versa. We are a macro-cosmos and within us there are millions of micro-cosmos. And in the same time, we are a micro-cosmos of the hughe macro…Ayurveda is really the medicine of Consciousness.
Constitution (prakriti) and bio-types or humors (doshas). We will learn its characteristics so we can identify it and see which predominates more in you and in others. In addition we will prepare an ideal routine for your dosha.
Feeding; We will discover what foods are most suitable for your constitution.
Massage (Abhianga); It is the traditional massage of India. It is taught according to the individual type of each person, according to the needs of each one.

Sadhana (regular practice); we will start the day with a practice of integral Yoga, so in this way we prepare our body and our conscience for the new day full of learning and evolution, situating us in a platform of complete openness and receptivity.

The price of the ayurveda retreat, all-inclusive withdrawal is 150 euros.

If you are interested to assist to the retreat, please confirm us your assistance, becouse of the places are limited.

With any doubt or question, leave us your comment here, or send us an email. You can also call Swami Prema Rajendra Das at the phone number: 644 306 240



Retiro de Agni Hotra

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Ya tenemos aqui el primer retiro del año!

Retiro de Agni Hotra (sacrificio de fuego).
Fecha: 20-21-22 de abril 2018.
Se llevará a cabo en un pacifico y armonioso lugar, nuestro Ashram y Templo; “Jahnava Mandir”.

Despues del exitoso cierre del espacio Pandava, (enviamos mas que 80 sacos grandes de ropa a refugiados de Siria y necesitados en Filipinas), Swamini Maa Kadamba no se ha dormido en los laureles y ya nos esta preparando un magnifico retiro!
Esto aparte de su “maraton” de renovación y acomodación de las instalaciones del ashram para que los invitados se sientan como en “su hogar”…Swamini-Kadamba-embellezendo-instalaciones-del-ashram
Ki Jaya! Ella es simplemente imparable;)

En este encuentro se darán herramientas necesarias y prácticas para cada vez sentirnos más en paz con nosotr@s mism@s e ir evolucionando a través del Ser.
Haremos meditaciones, asanas de primavera (con nuestra invitada Ana Gaya). También se harán sanaciones vibracionales, sanando a través del sonido, procedentes principalemente de enormes cuencos de cuarzo.
Hay mas sorpesas no muy comunes de encontrar en Occidente. Os revelaré una, el sacrificio del fuego purificador, Agni Hotra, procedente de los Vedas.
Para todos los participantes será un viaje al mundo de su alma, para descubrir cada vez mas la belleza y poder que yace en nuestro interior.

Como siempre, todo en atmosfera de paz y armonia, en el entorno primaveral de la Sierra de los Filabres .
Las plazas son limitadas. Asi que si quieres participar en el retiro, haz tu reserva lo mas pronto posible y conecta con nosotros a travez del formulario., o puedes llamar a Swamini Maa Kadamba al telefono: 690252927
Este retiro de Agni Hotra tendrá un antes y un después en tu vida…
Allí nos vemos!
Radhe Radheeee!


The Sunday’s festival

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Spiritual meetings in Jahnava Mandir

They are an important part of Bhakti Yoga. Held every Sunday, events have also become very popular for all friends of  the Jahnava Mandir Temple. Meetings, where we are sharing the way of life of a yogi, here in the West. Many people are surprised how it is possible to do everything in this joyful atmosphere of joy and love. Yes, it is possible 🙂

We start early in the morning, with our usual spiritual program, and slowly slowly, people are arriving.

Vegetarian feast

We cook all together succulent vegetarian preparations to satisfy the Temple Deities Sri Sri Radha and Krishna. And then we take Their divine remanants. We are lovers of life and nature, so infusions of medicinal herbs of all kinds are on the dayily order … And thanks to our loving cow Surabhi, never felt a glass of milk. Authentic, ecological, without the blessed EEE and milked by hand (whoever wants to be able, is invited to help with milking).

Mantras and more devotional songs

Of course in our Temple there is no shortage of kirtans or bhajans, chants of mantras … But also devotional songs of all kinds are sung, either in the oriental style, flamenco, or in one’s own style. Of course, always accompanying it with all kinds of instruments from hughe temple collection. Starting with caratalas or mridanga from India, up to the Spanish guitar. The purpose of these songs that are realized by the heart and directed to the Supreme personality of Godhead, is to awake the Bhava – spontaneous feelings of unconditional love to God. And in the association with people who have a pure consciousness, innocent and full of peace, one can naturally savor the exotic and sincere Prema, pure devotional love.

In these spiritual feasts, the Swamis of the Temple, headed by Sri Guru Maharaj, Swami Prema Krishna Das Babaji, commonly teaches classes of Bhakti yoga. Often pastimes of wisdom, fables, funny stories and all such a positive things are told, imagination without limits. Everything is very spontaneous and personal. It is not by chance, we are pure spiritual family of Lord Sri Sri Nityananda Rama: Suddha Nityananda Parivara Vaisnava.

Healthy and natural fun for everyone

Also, thank God, there is a lot of space to discover in the ecological farm, especially for the little ones. In our field, there are currently many animals; there are several donkeys, horses, a dwarf ponny (soon to have a small one). Also dogs, chickens, ducks, pigeons, fish and turtles in the pool, etc. And the sweetest thing at the end: our beloved cow Surabhi!

Of course, all present can participate in the activities in the field, either in the garden, or with the animals. The union is strength, and activities in nature are a source of vital energy. They help to connect us with our Being and finally with the Creator of the same material nature. They are the best therapy.

The asociation with yoguis makes you understand

(Not only…) in the spiritual celebrations of Sundays we share our Ashram, our service and all our heart with the good souls that come close. They are also given the opportunity to express themselves and share their best, in a place free of selfishness or vanity. And this has no value, since today, in other places it is quite scarce. For this reason we do not charge any type of entry. We believe that there is not enough money in the world to pay for it…

Sadhu sanga, sadhu sanga – sarva sastre kaya

Lava matra, Sadhu sange – sarva sidhi haya

The verdict of all revealed scriptures is

that even for a single moment of association

with devotees, full success can be achieved.

But as much as we’re going here to explain, some things are better to check in your own skin, do not you think? ; )
See you at the Sunday’s party!

Haribol! Haribol! Haribol!

sense gratifiction vs renunciatio

Two different tipes of human ocupation by the Vedas

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There are two different types of occupations for human being prescribed in the Vedic scriptures :

Pravrtti-marga: the path of the enjoyment of the senses.

Nivrtti-marga: the path of renunciation.

The material existence of the living being is a sick condition of the true life, since the true life is the spiritual existence, or what comes to be the same brahma-bhuta existence, in which life is eternal, blessed, and is full of knowledge. Material existence is temporary, illusory, and full of suffering. In it there is no happiness at all. There is only a vain attempt to get rid of suffering, and the temporary cessation of suffering is falsely given the name of happiness.

In Pravrtti-Marga:

It is the path of the enjoyment of the senses, here people are alienated with what becomes Maya = illusory energy, believing that the only meaning of life comes from enjoyment, thus forgetting the true purpose of human existence. The authentic meaning of human life is to awaken and develop YOUR SPIRITUALITY.

Why? Because it is what we are simply, we are an atma = soul / Being incarnate. With which this perishable body with which we usually tend to identify is temporary, like everything in this material world. Therefore your life begins to make sense in the moment you live from the Atma from your Being. However previously at this point, your life was going in vain. It is extremely important that we awaken and remove this veil of ignorance in order to see the ABSOLUTE TRUTH.

This is when life regains meaning, by experiencing Brahma-Bhuta, in which life is eternal, it is never monotonous. It is full of joy and joy and of course full of knowledge = wisdom.

Therefore the material existence is monotonous, temporary, illusory and full of sufferings that come from the continuous desires to please the senses.

In Nivrtti-marga:

It is the path of renunciation, here people begin to taste the nectar that comes from the Self = Atma, thus developing the spiritual senses, delighting in them so that in this way they begin to value more everything that comes from the ATMA and give coherent meaning to life, since everything existing in this material world including your body will sooner or later fade away the atma will depart. That is why the life of renunciation is of vital importance, this path will teach you the detachment to the trivial of this material world, in order to go enmacipating your Being. We must know that the only thing that causes pain and suffering is the attachment to all enjoyment of unsatisfied desire. In addition, in the same degree in which you get attached, in the same degree the suffering will relapse when you lose it.

By Swamini Maa Kadamba Rajeswari Devi Dasi


The closure of the Pandava space in Granada

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The Pandava space started with love and ended with more!

They have been 2 beautiful years full of experiences and connections, with an endless number of people who comes and left their energy in this place, becouse in Pandava everybody fits!

However and despite its cycle came to the end, as everything in this material world is temporary.

That is why we say goodbye to Pandava, with all our love and joy. We are very grateful for all the learning you have given us. Thus enriching our spirit, that is why when we close a cycle we do not suffer or complain about its end, becouse it just can attract misery. Do it with love and above all joy, since it is leaving space for a new experiences with the smell of freshness.

Because the Pandavas always ride forward … they have already reached the Iberian Peninsula and not finished yet !!

The Pandava space then closes its doors, but do not worry; Those who have fallen in love with their sweet atmosphere, are invited to Jahnava Mandir in Almeria, where we have decided to concentrate all our energy.

Radhe Radheeeee!

Vedic festival of Swami Sri Prema Krishna Das Babaji Paramahamsa Maharaj Birthday

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Oh, Sri Guru Deva, where you are, there is Vrindavan.

cumpleaños-sri-guru-maharajNitaigoura Hari Haribooooooooool!

Dear brothers, friends, wonderful souls, first of all, we greet all of you with much Prema! Radhe Radhe!

Again has come the most awaited moment of the year, the Vedic festival of the birthday, of our beloved Sri Gurudev, full of Prema Bhakti!

In the 5th and 6th of August 2017

We will again meet at the feast of Vyasa Puya of Sri Guru Maharaj to contemplate the divine love of Prema Krishna-Prema Radha! In this special association we do everything together: we prepare – we offer – and we taste delicious Prasadam, we sing San-kirtana, Bhajana and Vedic mantras, we perform fire ceremonies, we share pure knowledge of Yoga from the Vedas, transcendental pastimes of God and his Pure devotees, and of course we will receive Darshana, a great hug and all blessings of the Acarya Sri Prema Krishna Das Babaji Maharaj and the Swamis of Jahnava Mandir.

Sadhu Sanga in the Ashram

In the Narada Bhakti Sutra it is said, that it is very difficult to obtain the company of those of the pure devotee, souls fully delivered to serve the King of Kings, Sri Sri Hari. Here is a fabulous occasion for this 🙂 To associate with a Servant of the Servant (Dasa anu Dasa) the supremely sweet, patient, wise, strong, compassionate, generous, faithful, funny, deliverer of happiness to devotees, austere, humble, merciful , wonderful, protector of the weak, persevering, exemplary, etc. etc. A venerable Acarya, with steady steps of his venerable Lotus Feet, is leaving traces of love where he sets foot. Thus relieving Mother Earth of her heavy burden, coursed by the ignorance of the world and creates a devotional atmosphere. Constantly absorbed in serving the Lord of Lords with His thoughts, teachings and exemplary life. He always walks the path of the Dharma. Where our Guruji is, there is Vrindavan Dhama.

Sri Prema Krishna Das Babaji Maharaj Paramahamsa Prabhupada Kaviraja Goswami.

A trustworthy representative of Lord Sri Sri Krishna. With His merciful eyes He dispels the Maya illusion and bestows Prema Bhakti. It is a special occasion of His birthday, where we also give thanks to the Supreme Lord for the Devotional Service He gives us through His pure servant. Jaya Sri Gurudev!

With an innocent humility and goodness of a child, Sri Guru Maharaja always hands out all different kinds of delicious preparations offered on the altar for the deities of Sri Sri Radha Govinda. He put us all to dance and sing the Holy Names of the Lord by transmitting and Thus makes us feel this divine ecstasy. It can’t be explained with words, but only be savored with the tongue of the soul …

Everyone is invited!

Bring with you fruits and flowers;)

Radhe Radhe
Info: 644306240 Swami Prema Rajendra Das


Satsang de Swamis de Jahnava Mandir en la Costa de la luz

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Starting summer with Satsang of Bhakti Yoga!

Hello Friends &

This Friday, June 23,

We want to invite you to Satsang of Bhakti Yoga- Talk & Sing of Mantras with two Spiritual teachers –

Swamini Maa Kadamba Devi Dasi, and Swami Rajendra Das.

At the Center for Spiritual Development in Zahora (Caños de Meca), Cadiz.

If you want to come, sign up as soon as possible at:


More details at www.yoga-soulretreat.com/spanish/charlas-cursos/charlas