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Retreat of Ayurveda and Yoga for Body – Mind – Soul

By junio 20, 2018junio 21st, 2018Teachings, Uncategorized, Workshops

The Ayurveda Retreat and Yoga in the Jahnava Mandir Temple.

It will take place on the 29th of June – 1st of July 2018.

Let’s break down the important points of the Ayurveda retreat…

We have established rules in the Ashram, important reach more easily and comfortable our proposit.

To mantain the peacefull and healthy atmosfere, it is very important to undetstand some basic rules: There is not allowed any tipe of  intoxicants like drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, in the ashram. It is prohibed to consume meat, eggs and fishes. Also is required to respect the hours of each activity, including rests hours (going sleep early, wake up early), discipline is the basis of succesfull life in each area.

The prejudices, ideas, dogmas and concerns, let`s put them in a bag and throw them out, before entering the Ashram:) It is important, so that you have space for new teachings, clean and fresh and the past couldn´t  condition you .. .

Accommodation – The rooms are shared with bunk beds, it is necessary to bring linens, towels. Also if you use shoes to be at home, since in the ashram you should not enter with street shoes.

Vegetarian diet – A varied, complete and nutritious diet, prepared with a clean and loving consciousness. We aplicate the knowledge of Ayurveda for the preparations. We use to offer the food with mantras, and thus transforming that into Prasadam “spiritual uplifting”, they purify the mind, body and soul.

Theoretical and practic teachings  on Yoga and Ayurveda:

We recomend you to bring a notebook and pencil to take notes.

First we will discover the basic principles of Ayurveda, which is rooted in the prodigious Veda (eternal knowledge), compiled by the incarnation of Godhead, Lord Sri Vyasadeva.

Ayurveda is the millenary medicine of India and is recognized by the World Health Organization as the mother of all medicines. Consequently, everything that we have here today in the West as alternative medicine, is born and drinks from Ayurveda. It is also called preventive medicine.

Health is a divine gift for the human being. If we lose this valuable gift, Ayurveda can help us recover it … Our dear Sri Guru Prema Krishna Das Babaji Maharaj dedicated his whole life to the healing of body, soul and mind and explains to us:

When the Supreme Lord in the form of the Divine Physician; Lord Sri Sri Danvantari has come to this world, to visit the humans, he said: “You can be healed of any disease by reciting the Holy Names of Acyuta, Keshava, Govinda. But for those, who do not have enough faith, I let them Ayurveda. “

Important points of the teachings in the Yoga and Ayurveda retreat:

Basic principles; we are a micro-cosmos within a macro-cosmos and vice versa. We are a macro-cosmos and within us there are millions of micro-cosmos. And in the same time, we are a micro-cosmos of the hughe macro…Ayurveda is really the medicine of Consciousness.
Constitution (prakriti) and bio-types or humors (doshas). We will learn its characteristics so we can identify it and see which predominates more in you and in others. In addition we will prepare an ideal routine for your dosha.
Feeding; We will discover what foods are most suitable for your constitution.
Massage (Abhianga); It is the traditional massage of India. It is taught according to the individual type of each person, according to the needs of each one.

Sadhana (regular practice); we will start the day with a practice of integral Yoga, so in this way we prepare our body and our conscience for the new day full of learning and evolution, situating us in a platform of complete openness and receptivity.

The price of the ayurveda retreat, all-inclusive withdrawal is 150 euros.

If you are interested to assist to the retreat, please confirm us your assistance, becouse of the places are limited.

With any doubt or question, leave us your comment here, or send us an email. You can also call Swami Prema Rajendra Das at the phone number: 644 306 240