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Two different tipes of human ocupation by the Vedas

By marzo 8, 2018Teachings, Uncategorized
sense gratifiction vs renunciatio

There are two different types of occupations for human being prescribed in the Vedic scriptures :

Pravrtti-marga: the path of the enjoyment of the senses.

Nivrtti-marga: the path of renunciation.

The material existence of the living being is a sick condition of the true life, since the true life is the spiritual existence, or what comes to be the same brahma-bhuta existence, in which life is eternal, blessed, and is full of knowledge. Material existence is temporary, illusory, and full of suffering. In it there is no happiness at all. There is only a vain attempt to get rid of suffering, and the temporary cessation of suffering is falsely given the name of happiness.

In Pravrtti-Marga:

It is the path of the enjoyment of the senses, here people are alienated with what becomes Maya = illusory energy, believing that the only meaning of life comes from enjoyment, thus forgetting the true purpose of human existence. The authentic meaning of human life is to awaken and develop YOUR SPIRITUALITY.

Why? Because it is what we are simply, we are an atma = soul / Being incarnate. With which this perishable body with which we usually tend to identify is temporary, like everything in this material world. Therefore your life begins to make sense in the moment you live from the Atma from your Being. However previously at this point, your life was going in vain. It is extremely important that we awaken and remove this veil of ignorance in order to see the ABSOLUTE TRUTH.

This is when life regains meaning, by experiencing Brahma-Bhuta, in which life is eternal, it is never monotonous. It is full of joy and joy and of course full of knowledge = wisdom.

Therefore the material existence is monotonous, temporary, illusory and full of sufferings that come from the continuous desires to please the senses.

In Nivrtti-marga:

It is the path of renunciation, here people begin to taste the nectar that comes from the Self = Atma, thus developing the spiritual senses, delighting in them so that in this way they begin to value more everything that comes from the ATMA and give coherent meaning to life, since everything existing in this material world including your body will sooner or later fade away the atma will depart. That is why the life of renunciation is of vital importance, this path will teach you the detachment to the trivial of this material world, in order to go enmacipating your Being. We must know that the only thing that causes pain and suffering is the attachment to all enjoyment of unsatisfied desire. In addition, in the same degree in which you get attached, in the same degree the suffering will relapse when you lose it.

By Swamini Maa Kadamba Rajeswari Devi Dasi