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Vedic festival of Swami Sri Prema Krishna Das Babaji Paramahamsa Maharaj Birthday

By julio 26, 2017Celebrations, Uncategorized

Oh, Sri Guru Deva, where you are, there is Vrindavan.

cumpleaños-sri-guru-maharajNitaigoura Hari Haribooooooooool!

Dear brothers, friends, wonderful souls, first of all, we greet all of you with much Prema! Radhe Radhe!

Again has come the most awaited moment of the year, the Vedic festival of the birthday, of our beloved Sri Gurudev, full of Prema Bhakti!

In the 5th and 6th of August 2017

We will again meet at the feast of Vyasa Puya of Sri Guru Maharaj to contemplate the divine love of Prema Krishna-Prema Radha! In this special association we do everything together: we prepare – we offer – and we taste delicious Prasadam, we sing San-kirtana, Bhajana and Vedic mantras, we perform fire ceremonies, we share pure knowledge of Yoga from the Vedas, transcendental pastimes of God and his Pure devotees, and of course we will receive Darshana, a great hug and all blessings of the Acarya Sri Prema Krishna Das Babaji Maharaj and the Swamis of Jahnava Mandir.

Sadhu Sanga in the Ashram

In the Narada Bhakti Sutra it is said, that it is very difficult to obtain the company of those of the pure devotee, souls fully delivered to serve the King of Kings, Sri Sri Hari. Here is a fabulous occasion for this 🙂 To associate with a Servant of the Servant (Dasa anu Dasa) the supremely sweet, patient, wise, strong, compassionate, generous, faithful, funny, deliverer of happiness to devotees, austere, humble, merciful , wonderful, protector of the weak, persevering, exemplary, etc. etc. A venerable Acarya, with steady steps of his venerable Lotus Feet, is leaving traces of love where he sets foot. Thus relieving Mother Earth of her heavy burden, coursed by the ignorance of the world and creates a devotional atmosphere. Constantly absorbed in serving the Lord of Lords with His thoughts, teachings and exemplary life. He always walks the path of the Dharma. Where our Guruji is, there is Vrindavan Dhama.

Sri Prema Krishna Das Babaji Maharaj Paramahamsa Prabhupada Kaviraja Goswami.

A trustworthy representative of Lord Sri Sri Krishna. With His merciful eyes He dispels the Maya illusion and bestows Prema Bhakti. It is a special occasion of His birthday, where we also give thanks to the Supreme Lord for the Devotional Service He gives us through His pure servant. Jaya Sri Gurudev!

With an innocent humility and goodness of a child, Sri Guru Maharaja always hands out all different kinds of delicious preparations offered on the altar for the deities of Sri Sri Radha Govinda. He put us all to dance and sing the Holy Names of the Lord by transmitting and Thus makes us feel this divine ecstasy. It can’t be explained with words, but only be savored with the tongue of the soul …

Everyone is invited!

Bring with you fruits and flowers;)

Radhe Radhe
Info: 644306240 Swami Prema Rajendra Das