suddha nityananda parivara vaisnava

Welcome to our virtual temple

Radhe Radhe! We greet you from Jahnava Mandir, the temple and ashram, where as in the sacred places of India breathe Yoga, peace, spirituality … and still something more. You wonder how it is possible to create this atmosphere of India here in the west? It is simply! Becouse of here we meet daily to practice pure devotional service, it means to meditate, to sing mantras and kirtan, to worship, to praise and in total, dedicate all our activities to the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Lord Sri Sri Krsna. He resides in our heart and in the heart of all living beings and is the root cause of all causes.

Spiritual Lifestyle

The main problem of the human being today, is that we lost the notion and knowledge how to synchronize our material life with the spiritual part of our being. Even practicing for many years different kinds of spiritual teachings and techniques, we still don´t understand their true and practice use in our lifes. It is the secret of the Sage or Wiseman, to develop his own lifestyle. Apply a suitable sadhana (spiritual customs), you can practice lifestyle with yogic principles, through which there is a much more profitable elevation manifesting in all life aspects. And that’s what we like to share with you…

What is yoga? And what is not

One of the basic principles of the teachings of our dear Acaryadeva, Sri Guru Prema Krishna Das Babaji Maharaj, is: «The hands who are not giving, what are expecting?» If you have participated in some of our classes or activities, you could realize, that our goal is not monetary or other interested objective, since it is beyond of any material interest. You certainly give us the reason that spiritual teachings should not be priced, because of it is a heritage of mankind. The personal teachings of an autorealized Guru Diksa can never be paid with money.That’s why our opinion is, that with yoga and spirituality shouldn´t be negotiated, it is not the right way to make money for personal use (although due to the actual «Yoga fashion» in the world, it may seem like).

Suddha  Nityananda Parivara  Vaisnava

In India, the cultivation of the soul, path of self-realization and consequently the tradition of yoga, is ancient.

Although it is divided into many branches or schools, studying and realizing different aspects of the same truth, its objectives are clearly predetermined in its very elaborate knowledge. Based on the Vedic scriptures, from immemorial times, many great Mahatamas, Gurus and self-realized Sages have shown, what is the Sanatana Dharma (eternal path of the soul). It is not very known fact, but very important, that each of them belong to their respective disciple lines (including our one) and were blessed and authorized by the indispensable ´Diksa´ (initiation).

Desiring to apply such a profitable knowledge and a wonderful way of spiritual comprehension of ancient India, we have decided to create the cosmopolitan Atheneum –  an association of Bhakti, Bhava and Prema Yoga: Suddha Nityananda Parivara Vaisnava. Its purposes are multiple, starting with the well-given unconditional charity (either material or spiritual help), practicing body and soul healing, imparting real knowledge of yoga, and many others, with a single determination to transmit you more complete and deep understanding of life.

How to become a yogi

 «It is about to discover our true origin and mission, to find the greatest and most valuable treasure, that is the one we carry in the deepest part of our being »

The real reason why we decided to create this web site, is because we want to give you an opportunity to achieve the become a yogi, because we also have done it and had to suffer again and again the disappointments of not finding some simple and compact way, effective enough to achieve the yogic realizations like perfect knowledge, detachment, pure and unconditional love and many, many more… We don’t just want to convey you that it is possible; but also to support and accompany  you personally on your path, learning and practice of a complete spiritual life, at all levels.

Even if you don’t take this desire as a compass of your life and pure love is still unknown to you, we invite you to come and share. Because the seeds of wisdom that are sown through the joyous and amusing practices, are so natural and simple as well as full of knowledge, because they purify the being and heal the body-mind-soul.

Types of yoga in our Vedic school

With the same way as the Himalayan mountains have many peaks at different heights, there are many different types of yoga. So everyone may choose the right one…

… and of course each one of all that types of yoga is practiced in different ways and will bring different benefits. To help you to understand better that great ¨universe of Yoga¨, give you a clear example: And are the branches of the Christian religion in the West; We all know very well that it is not the same to be an Evangelist, a Protestant, a Jehovah’s Witness, a Mormon or a Catholic, etc. But an Oriental person may consider us all as «Christians.» We hope that as a sensitive person that you certainly are, you have captured the message that we like to transmit. What we really try to offer and share with you, is the great opportunity to learn in a prodigious Vaisnava School that has been applying the essence of the ancient Vedic scriptures for centuries.

Unconditional service for God

Our heart is like a garden, where we can cultivate the seeds of virtues. It grows nourished by our virtuous positive activities and the great vital energy Prana, and finally let us savor their mature fruit in form of real happiness and auto realization.

Of course, it is not an easy task, we are aware that nothing in this world is done just like a coincidence… Also to receive the blessing (Kripa or Divine mercy), we have to do something for it. Everything in this world is a result of Karma, the reactions from our past actions.

However, the rewards for effort and sacrifice are very great; The inner peace as one of them, is the sign that you are on the best way to experience it on your own, that it is not just a fairytale. It is really possible to realize and meet that Supreme Gardener, the Universal Father of all living beings –  Lord Sri Sri Krishna and who is Him really.

The requirements for a spiritual life

At any moment, when we want to undertake something new and unknown, we are asking us:

It will be difficult for me?

Well, do not worry about the learning process! If you are a sincere person in the search for your true self and want to do something for it, we assure you that you will achieve success. And count with our help for it! We’ll give you a hand, and if need be, both of them! Yoga means union, and in the union is real power.

In the Sri Sri Bhagavad Gita it is said that in the past times, many of wise mans have purified them with this pure knowledge of self-realization. And what about our personal experience? The yogis from Jahnava Mandir are living examples, that the application of a yogic way of life is perfectly realizable and gives absolute benefit, in all senses – also in the present times!  And all this, without any extra effort, just with Love, Divine Love, which comes from the soul.

Purpose of the spiritual life

The main purpose in our Krishna Temple is to approach in a friendly and easy way a deeper understanding of the spiritual treasures of India, without necessity to have a previous preparation or lacks of theory. Our mission is to make you possible to realize the highest spiritual knowledge, which is at the same time the most simple. And who can explain it to us better than Yogeswara, the Master of all Yogis himself, in his song of the Supreme, Sri Sri Bhagavad Gita:

«This knowledge is the king of education and the most secret of all secrets. It is the purest knowledge of all, and as it provides a direct perception of being, through enlightenment, it is the perfection of the spiritual teaching of the relationship with the Supreme. It is also eternal and is practiced with joy.

The members of the Ashram in Spain or in other parts of the world, are really grateful to be united and serve the Supreme Lord, through practicing Bhakti Yoga and Seva (devotional service) for humanity.

We are just passing what we received: Pure Love. Prema, Prema Krishna, Prema Radha.

Who is Sri Guru Diksa

In the same way like you, we also were looking for our true identity in this world. In the beginning of the path, nobody of us had clear idea that it is yoga. But thanks to God (never better said:), meeting with Sri Guru Diksa, who is responsible spiritual guide, it becomes easy not just to discover what it is, and how to practice yoga, but also our life mission on the earth.

Actually it was simpler than we could imagine: ‘When the disciple is prepared, the Master appears.’

So, with the same authorized and professional way, you have the opportunity to investigate in depth what Yoga is and become true spiritual learner. Your life becomes a constant adventure on that journey of discovering God.

And with passing time, happiness increases step by step and you become eager to share these treasures, since as we all know: Shared tastes better!

And it is also like this, as you learn easier …

Always without expecting anything in return, unselfishly …

Om tat sat.